Asset Management

A prudent investor should carefully consider his goals in relation to the benefits of each of the assets in his portfolio. Some of the more common features desired in an investment portfolio include:

LIQUIDITY: The ability to readily convert an asset to cash.

GROWTH: To potentially provide an inflation hedge and assure capital for retirement or other future needs. Remember, retirement is for a lifetime.

INCOME: To meet current living expenses as a supplement to wages or retirement plans.

TAX ADVANTAGES*:  In the form of tax-deferred growth, tax-advantaged income, tax credits, or excess deductions that can be used to offset current taxable income. 

PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT: You should have professional management at two levels; at the source of the investment and to position the investment to match your individual risk tolerance.

In some cases, your investments may not be properly positioned to match your risk profile or your objectives. Should this be the case, you should consider repositioning your investments to maximize the possibilities of attaining your objectives and remain within your risk tolerance level.

* Representatives of Cambridge do not offer tax advice. Please consult a professional for your personal situation.

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